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How to find a good moving company – Clark Howard
How to buy a house in 9 steps – Clark Howard
Citi is eliminating these benefits for Costco cardholders – Clark Howard
Where to watch free movies online – Clark Howard
Freon phase-out: Is your air conditioning system going to be obsolete soon? – Clark Howard
New report: The best cell phone providers in America – Clark Howard
Google introducing new privacy measures – Clark Howard to hear and delete everything your Amazon Alexa has recorded
35+ military discounts that are available year-round – Clark Howard
4 questions for teachers to ask about their 403(b) retirement plans – Clark Howard
How to open a Roth IRA – Clark Howard
Hotel rates are going down: Here’s how to find cheap rooms – Clark Howard
New report: The top 15 cars that people keep for 15 years or more – Clark Howard
How to make your Venmo transactions private – Clark Howard
REVISED: 529 plan guide: The best places to invest your education savings | Clark Howard
The Free and Cheap List | Clark Howard
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Senior Planning | Clark Howard   —   Senior Care | Clark Howard
How to find a geriatric care manager | Clark Howard
About Facebook’s new privacy hub + how to download a copy of your profile | Clark Howard
How to add a PIN to your smartphone account to prevent SIM hijacking | Clark Howard
Here is Clark Howard’s bottom line on Bitcoin | Clark Howard
Know your rights with debt collectors | Clark Howard
ClarkYourBank | Clark Howard
Equifax Data Breach | Clark Howard
How to put a credit freeze in place for your child | Clark Howard
ID Theft Resource Center 888-400-5530

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Friday August 23
STUDY: The need for internet speed – not so much it turns out
Clark answers his critics on Clark Stinks
Airline baggage. There’s another way
Transformation in the restaurant industry includes the rise of ‘ghost kitchens’

Thursday August 22

RIPOFF ALERT:  College debit cards – an unholy alliance
Is your campus taking kickbacks from banks? – Clark Howard
Clark Rageous! Nike subscriptions for kid shoes – Don’t get played!
Facebook addresses privacy concerns  –  3 things to know about Facebook’s new privacy feature – Clark Howard
)– Social media influencers and nanoinfluencers – eyes open on how the game is played.
Supermarket showdown: Aldi Vs. Whole Foods

Wednesday August 21
The 737 Max – Southwest Airlines connection
-Southwest Airlines cutting nearly 20 nonstop routes, adding more Hawaii flights – Clark Howard
Clark Rage – The MoviePass data breach
Series I Savings Bonds are a good choice again  – See TreasuryDirect – Home
Walking for health is more beneficial than you think – and helps you think!
Social media influencers put pressure on parents. The Clark smart push back.

Tuesday August 20
Real Estate: Clark does business with a iBuyer. What home sellers need to know
Clark Rage –  Wells Fargo – yep. Again.
Team Clark’s Laura & the Equifax data breach 
Equifax data breach settlement: How to make a claim – Clark Howard
Free is a great price! Check out the Buy Nothing Project
Car buyers beware ‘packs’ – a hazard of buying online for new and now used vehicles

Monday August 19
Student borrowers beware– A Clark smart warning
Disney tickets from $79 per day for fall/early winter – Clark Deals
Your phone number and a simple way to help protect your identity
A new kind of trip insurance  –  Leisure Travelers – Freebird
UPDATE: Apple, Google & Amazon smart speakers recording and spying on you – Exposure and the fallout.
How to hear and delete everything your Amazon Alexa has recorded – Clark Howard

Friday August 16
Customer No-Service: New advice for the continuing struggle
When is the best day and time to call customer service? – Clark Howard
Clark answers his critics on Clark Stinks
A new service expands on a Clark smart idea from 2 generations ago. TripActions
10 cities where your Social Security check can cover housing costs – Clark Howard

Thursday August 15
New help for first time home buyers – with a Clark smart warning
More Teachers getting hosed on retirement plans
-4 questions for teachers to ask about their 403(b) retirement plans – Clark Howard
Big brand name products go up in price, store brands go up in quality
(11/16)   Owning rental property
Open Enrollment Warning: Beware fake insurance scams
Scam alert: Make sure you don’t fall for a fake insurance plan | Clark Howard
You can save for child’s education even before they’re born. But should you?

Wednesday August 14

Clarkonomics:  Prepare your personal economy for possible recession
Back to School: Vaping Warning
Cut rate cell phone deals /  Phone Plans – Clark Deals
YNAB review: Is this budgeting app better than Mint? – Clark Howard
States step into the Congressional breach to establish privacy law

Tuesday August 13
6 things to know about Regal’s unlimited movie subscription plan – Clark Howard
Rip-off! Night of the living debt! The return of zombie debt collections
Warning: Scammers are targeting people in parking
Is Amazon Prime worth it for you? Take this quiz to find out! – Clark Howard
Keep a car as long as possible

Monday August 12
Interest rates drop due to trade conflict – What to know
Beware Equifax settlement scams
Equifax data breach settlement: How to make a claim – Clark Howard
Dumping pay TV for streaming – what to know
Cable vs. Streaming: Does cutting the cord really save you money? – Clark Howard
Best live TV streaming services: Compare our top picks for August 2019 – Clark Howard
2 sites to facilitate medical tourism —  Joint Commission International Doctours
How to sell on OfferUp to make extra money – Clark Howard

Friday August 9
Government Ruling: American Airlines and passenger safety
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
It’s a great time to buy an SUV
When is the best time to take Social Security? Clark Howard

Thursday August 8
Prevent your Social Security  benefit from being hijacked
Back to school: Something simple to help kids thrive
Family phone plans – what about individuals / Cell Phones  / ClarkDeals-Phone Plans
(11/13-1)  The average price of a new car has hit an all time high
Special Warning: USPS Informed Delivery is not secure
3D printing for eyeglass frames

Wednesday August 7
Employee relief funds – a new and vital benefit
Investment Warning: Beware private real estate placements
Car sharing as a business opportunity
Working Wanderlust: The gig economy allows for travel
Your wallet in the lost and found

Tuesday August 6   (Best of)
The fight against non-competes
55% of Americans are running credit card balances
How 3D printing is saving and improving lives
Homeowner tax breaks – not so much
RIPOFF ALERT:  Prepaid cards at gas stations

Monday August 5   (Best of)
How to be a  401(k)  millionaire
Cryptocurrency scams
Carry-on bag rules at 10 big U.S. airlines – Clark Howard
Your personal info is out there. The need for American privacy
ABLE accounts: A tax-free way for parents of disabled kids to save for the future-ClarkHoward

Friday August 2
Expiration dates are not to be taken literally
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
U.S. Best: Little Free Pantries
Here’s a lousy idea: Borrow money for a wedding!

Thursday August 1
How to buy a house in 9 steps – Clark Howard
Should you buy cell phone insurance? Clark Howard
A lost art during college years that can pay off for life
(11/12) Crossing borders to save on prescription meds
Get cell phone accessories at 5 Below

Wednesday July 31
Back to school laptop shopping   –  ClarkDeals – Laptops –  Clark’s take: Why now is the time to buy a Chromebook
Medical bill shock Warning: Hospital systems impose facility fees at doctor practices they own
Free and affordable fitness classes
Texting While Driving laws
How the U.S. is winning – and failing in energy production

Tuesday July 30
How to buy term life insurance-ClarkHoward
Humans at their best: Groom saves rip current victims during beach wedding – watch the video here
Simple rules for leading a financially successful life fit on a postcard – and Saving
Scammers infest Google search  – to reach a real person at Apple, Google, Facebook and more
The cheapest places to travel FROM – New report: These U.S. airports have the cheapest international flights

Monday July 29
Disconnecting home internet for mobile service
Check your credit card statements for these bogus charges now – Clark Howard
5 things to know before you buy flood insurance-ClarkHoward
Point A to Point B:  It pays to love your old car
Night of the Living Debt – The return of zombie debt collections

Friday July 26
Join the revolt against app fees
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Drinking water from dehumidifiers
Clark smart real estate investing

Thursday July 25
Home solar gets more affordable. Choose your contractor wisely
Clark Rage:  Kids with credit cards
Bank rewards for opening savings accounts are a diversionary tactic
(11/9) The steakhouse annuity pitch drives a stake through your retirement
Venmo Vs. ZelleWhy some users are complaining about Zelle, the popular money app | Clark Howard
Here are the 10 most reliable vehicles for 2019 | Clark Howard

Wednesday July 24
What the T-Mobile, Sprint merger will mean for consumers
Clark Rage: Anonymous surveys – aren’t
When is the best day and time to call customer service? – Clark Howard
Driver’s Licenses are going electronic
Credit Cards: A simple number you should know

Tuesday July 23
Fake lawns growing in popularity
CFPB and H&R Block – No
The contact lens cartel finally faces disruption
The crime of deed theft and what to know about home title protection
Poulty price fixing  and 2 ways to avoid high prices at the supermarket

Monday July 22
Equifax aftermath: ID theft and the Equifax data breach settlement
Another school district makes the news over unpaid lunches
Consumer Reports rates payment services
Here’s why Clark says to stay away from the Zelle payment app – Clark Howard
Housing: Are McMansions worth it?
How e-commerce sites manipulate you to click to purchase

Friday July 19
Google Chrome is tracking you: Here’s what you can do about
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
Where to watch free movies online – Clark Howard
Freon phase-out: Is your air conditioning system going to be obsolete soon? – Clark Howard

Thursday July 18
Tech innovations: Paying with chip implants and AI at the fast-food drive-through
Follow up: The hotel junk fee bait and switch
Leave your medical appointment with a prescription you can afford – 3 Rx saving tools
Just a 10 minute walk improves brain function
Climate change resets property values. Buyers beware

Wednesday July 17
Fidelity just got even better – Stick to one of the big 3 low cost investment houses
Warning: Take these steps to protect your privacy of FaceApp-Clark Howard
How to find a good moving company – Clark Howard
You may have unclaimed funds
An effective way to complain without calling customer no-service

Tuesday July 16
Credit card benefits – the party’s over
-Have a Citi credit card in your wallet? You might be in for some big (bad) changes…
-Citi is eliminating these benefits for Costco
Is the Amazon Rewards card right for you? ClarkHoward
Clark Rage: A warning for Ford Fiesta and Focus owners
Ford responds to investigation of Focus, Fiesta transmissions
WARNING: Americans are carrying record debt
The ascent of Vanguard: Less is way more when it comes to investing
How to wash those ‘Dry clean only’ clothes at

Monday July 15
PRIME DAY 2019 – Clark Deals

Clark Deals – Today’s Best Deals of the Day
Your smart speakers have ears
CR  Rip off alert – A new pretext for raiding your accounts
How one state is addressing the cost of college
Defeating the sudden wealth paradox
Do you know what your income streams will be in retirement? Clark Howard

Friday July 12
Credit Card maintenance:  Appeal if your limit has been lowered
Clark answers his critics on ‘Clark Stinks’
When is the best time to buy a home DNA testing kit? – Clark Howard
New report: The #1 streaming service in America – Clark Howard

Thursday July 11
The IRS is rolling out a new W-4: What you need to know – Clark Howard
The fountain of youth springs eternally bogus
Public awareness works:  The preschool obesity rate is down
(11/2)– Merchant processing alternatives and something new from Square
Cloud of concern: Youth vaping billows out of control
Freshman year for free- Cut the cost of college by 25%

Wednesday July 10
How CVS Health Hubs may help change the healthcare industry
$400 million in fines – The Wells Fargo auto insurance ripoff
The fall travel season will feature deals!
Supermarket update – The expansion of Lidl
The U.S. geography of credit scores

Tuesday July 9
Radical transformation in the auto industry creates orphan cars
Why you should never use airport USB charging stations – Clark Howard
The Clark smart way to approach side gigs and working from home
-Work From Home Guide: A list of legitimate work-at-home jobs
Homeowner tax breaks – not so much
RIPOFF ALERT:  Prepaid cards at gas stations

Monday July 8
Clark’s take: Why everyone should have a dashcam
Airline compensation: You have to ask.
Ivy League sees the need to teach personal finance
Clark and advertisers – it’s different
Back-to-school laptop preview and Chromebook update
-Clark’s Take: Why now is the time to buy a Chromebook